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Are you looking for someone who will give you sensations, make you cry out of pleasure and no pain? Are you hunting for someone who will make you feel submissive yet masochistic with her whiplash? So, are you on your way to book a Chennai escort for your first Chennai or pro-dommes (maybe) session?

Give a confirmation call to her an hour before or so to ensure you are still on board. Hygiene is another important thing. Chew breath mint, use deodorant, etc. Do not flake on her. Until and unless you are sure of a session, donít do bookings. It is very rude to refuse to show up at the last minute. If you wish to cancel your session then inform her a night before or in the morning or sooner the better and give her a believable reason (even if you make one). If you will show some sense of responsibility, she might give you another chance.

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Since this will be your first time so here is something which is worth reading for you shared by Chennai escorts on her personal experience. And it is not a one-time experience but something in general which happens always. It will only help you in getting rid of your fear since this will be your first session.

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Finding a good understanding partner is quite a tough job nowadays but not with independent Chennai escortsShe talks about guys who come to them for the first time and in fact, most of the guys that come to them are the newbies, they are brand new, have sweaty palms and are very very nervous. However, so is not the case when they leave. They are happy souls at that time. They are calmed, smiling, proud and glad that they took the decision to do it and did it. They wish that they would have done it sooner because they are surprised how easy it is and not at all scary as it looks in those videos. These guys have seen those videos on various platforms where the kinky woman dressed in black leather doing bizarre stuff before making love to a guy? And they get frightened by it, after all, so many mean & terrifying stuff is shown in those videos. But deep down they admire the Chennai escorts or other. And since they have been doing this for so long, the escorts become like an untouchable celebrity eventually making more difficult for the boys to make a booking. However, they forget that she and other girls like her are human too. These escorts laugh, crack jokes and are down to Earth just like any other person. Things that they experience in the hands of the Chennai escorts are the same that any person has in any other field. In other words, it is just another service.

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In fact, there is always a first time for everyone and so was for these kinky girls. They were new and nervous too back then. The escorts not only meet newbies, young boys who have this goal of taking up Chennai session before they begin their college but also middle-aged men with their mid-life crisis and who are not happy with their long and kink-less marriage. Well, whatever their age, reasons or problems but they are always happy that they took initiative and explored this secret world.

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Here are few questions for you that you should ask (and because they will help you) before you book your first Chennai session with a Chennai escort:- ē What am I looking for? Few guys are very clear and focused what they want or desire out of the session but are still figuring out. So, if you are one of them who donít know what to expect from their session with Chennai then you are on the right page. Prepare a list of those things that you are interested in, the one you want to try. Do not leave anything just because you think that pre-dommewonít do it. The list is only for your pleasure. Also, you never know she might try things with you that are not on your list and you get blown away by them. ē How do I choose a great Chennai escort? You are ready with the list of general ideas. Now all you have to do is find the right mistress for you.

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A good mistress will have an informative website where you will find all the information about her. The website will include the interest list as well and you should look for that it has the same interest as that of yours. Give her brownie points if the website has videos or photos of her doing the acts. With your session with pro-dommes, do not expect sex acts. You will rarely find Chennai doing that. And until & unless she is a known Chennai, you should not be giving any advance.

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Donít sound like a nervous wreck on phone or donít end up in sending her hundreds of emails. Just make the list of questions and do go through the website properly so that you do not end up asking the same thing already available on her website. Donít keep her on phone all the time otherwise, she will think you are just another creep wasting time. Be as professional as possible. You can either email her or call her. In the former case, donít end up writing a novel. In fact, in both the cases just ask your questions, tell your interest and keep the conversation short and to the point.

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She wants to know your limit which you might yourself donít know! But you can just tell that you donít want her to make you bleed or that golden showers are not your thing. You are fine being verbally degraded but only to a limit which means no joke on weight, race, religion or age. Tell her if you are in for whip marks? And last but not the least if you have any kind of health problem.

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